Ghetto HDTV antenna setup in SF

Thu 06 February 2014

This is just a quick and out of topic post compared to what I generally try to do. I noticed I was neglecting this blog a bit lately. I have been quite busy since the beginning of the year, moving from Montreal to San Francisco to work at a wonderful company.

We just moved into a new apartment and I decided we wouldn’t get cable TV service, relying on the Internet and Netflix instead. However, we don’t yet have the Internet service from I recently ordered the much recommended Mohu Leaf but am still waiting for it to come, so we we’re stuck watching old movies on the desktop.

…until I tried to hack a really ghetto TV antenna…

The steps are pretty simple. I just hope I had taken step by step picture (another time maybe) since I myself haven’t found any good how to online before trying it.

Here’s the result…

My ghetto antenna